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Breeding Policy

Principals: Simon and Anna

Property: “Feltrim” 650 hectares. (6km. north west of Violet Town) in North East Victoria (180kms north east of Melbourne).


Terrain: Flat and undulating country with a mix of loams, clays and gravels. Acidic soils with Red Gum and Grey Box verges.


Rainfall: 25 inches (625 mm) winter dominant


Sheep Numbers: shearing 4500 sheep: 1200 Stud Poll Ewes, 800 Flock Ewes.


Pastures: Annual subterranean clovers and grasses, perennials, phalaris, fescues and lucerne.


Fleece Wool: 16 - 20 micron AAAM adult average = 18.5 micron


Fleece Weight: 6.5 kg.


Annual Ram Sales: 150 rams


Aim: To breed highly productive fine sheep with pliable skin well covered with soft, even, white, lustrous wool with extreme character (elite wool). Conformation and carcase traits are also a selection priority with emphasis placed on fat and eye muscle depth and increased growth rates with early maturing, fertile animals.


History: Toland Poll Merino originated at Omeo in 1982, comprising two thirds of the Bindawarra Stud until separation in 1990. We have been in the North East of Victoria since 1988.


Health Status: Brucellosis Free Accredited. OJD MN3-V. Commenced MAP in 1997, whole flock Gudair vaccinated since 2003. We ceased mulesing in 2018 and began shearing every six months in 2020.

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