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                    Phil Toland - 0429 981 605;

Anna Toland - 0438 981 605;

Simon Riddle - 0427 514 695;

Flock and Sheep Genetics Code (merinos) - 601082 
Terminal Sheep Genetics Code - 164585
MN3 Vaccinated and Brucellosis Accredited

ON PROPERTY RAM SALE - The rams have been lotted and I am in the process of putting the catalogue out. It should be finalised today hopefully and posted next week!

Keep an eye out for some news regarding the sale of Poll Dorset Rams also. The catalogue can be found here along with the price once you click on the animal: Feltrim Poll Dorsets.aspx

Benalla Ram Sale - write up on the All Purpose Section (which we won) in the Stock and Land... Toland Wins All Purpose Section

All 12 sold to a top of $3,750 and averaged $2,438. This is up $400 from last year. Please refer to the Sale Results page for a full update on the sale... 

HAMILTON SHEEPVENTION RESULTS - 9 rams to a top of $4,250, Ave of $2,972

Get the full rundown under the Sale Results Page above

Breaking News: We have just recorded more rainfall so far this year than last year! We have had 441mm compared to 438mm for last year in total. WOW! No wonder it is soggy underfoot.....

Yes! You read it correctly. We are the proud owners and operators of a Poll Dorset Stud!!

In March 2015, Toland Pastoral Trust (the new family trust) purchased 300 scanned in lamb Poll Dorset ewes from the Kennedy Creek Stud owned by the Barber family. After a massive 5 weeks of lambing, all lambs were tagged, weighed at birth and linked against the Dam for full pedigree, we now have 75 hogget rams to sell! You can see them here on the Lambplan website: Feltrim Poll Dorsets.aspx and you can arrange a time to visit if you wish! We will be having a small sale at our on property ram sale in September but welcome all private purchases prior to then. Please call Simon on 0427514695 for any additional information.

The lambs have been weaned and weighed and they are looking good!
Here is a selfie of me and a new lamb and its mother yesterday......




Updated 31st August, 2016

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